We specialize in metal conservation and public art, working primarily with public art in metal, architectural metalwork, and metal fixtures in churches and buildings. We also work with recent and archeological objects in collections, and cultural history objects in other materials.



•Establish care and maintenance plans for public art, metal fixtures, and architectural metal work.

•Perform investigations previous to conservation and restoration.

•Perform technical and chemical analysis.

•Provide project management and coordination of restoration and conservation work.

Perform active conservation of metal objects.

Inspect metal fixtures and public sculptures.

•Hold customized courses and lectures on the preservation of public sculpture and metal objects.


We cooperate with specialized craftsmen and conservators who specialize in other materials, if necessary. We work through several networks where broader skills are demanded, e.g. the network Vårda och Bevara in Skåne.


0706-580381 | Postadress & bedsöksadress: Carnegiegatan 18, 414 53 Göteborg